Allio's 42" Blu-ray-playing all-in-one media HDTV with BONUS PC in the case

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Ladies and gentlemen! Roll up! Roll up! The gadget freak show is in town! Here, behind a wall of steel for your safely, is the Silicon Mountain Allio – a 32″ or 42″ HDTV that also squeezes a Core 2 Duo PC and Blu-ray player into its case.

It even manages PVR-like recording features thanks to its PC bit’s hard drive. Plus you can split the screen if your brain’s capable of multitasking and you want to watch TV, browse the internet and play video games simultaneously because you’re THAT CONNECTED. Here’s a look at the beast…


Careful, she’s hungry! The 42″ model does the full 1080p spec, with the 32″ version maxing out at 720p. The Allio is available in America right now, with the 32″ one going for $1599 and the 42-incher costing from $1999. Bigger hard drives for the PC part and larger chunks of RAM up the price, which is a thrillingly novel fact to take into account when buying a telly.

(Via VisionMan)

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