The internet is making your brain better and creating a new master race of geeks

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internet-evolution-mankind.jpgGood at filtering information but only have pretend friends you’ve never met in real life? That’s good! That means you have evolved. You are better than other people. You are the next level of mankind.

That is according to neuroscientist Gary Small, who reckons that our brains are already changing and evolving thanks to modern technology. 24/7 access to facts, trivia about Star Trek, text messages and weather forecasts is making People 2.0 better at filtering out rubbish data from useful fact, making us all much better at instantly deciding what to keep/remember and what to bin/forget.

The evolutionary change will make people like us the leaders of the new world order, as the technically astute rise to dominance over people who can’t set up POP3 email accounts on all their mobile devices without having to seek help…

Hopefully the war between the tech elite and the uneducated Luddites will be fought virtually, as us lot on the technically astute side aren’t very good at fighting with sticks and knifes.

Sadly, though, your life is not all best conducted virtually from the comfort of your desk and textured mouse mat – people skills will still be required, even in the future. “The people in the next generation who are really going to have the edge are the ones who master the technological skills and also face-to-face skills,” said Small, bringing our aspirations of global leadership crashing back down to earth.

“They will know when the best response to an email or Instant Message is to talk rather than sit and continue to email,” Small added. So if you’re only funny by email, blog post or instant message (raises hand), things aren’t as rosy as they sound.

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