Hack makes Dell Inspirion Mini a little bit bigger inside

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Clever hardware hacker JKKMobile has made a bit of a name for himself on the netbook “scene”. In the past he’s installed touchscreens, Ubuntu where it shouldn’t be and all sorts, and posted videos of his achievements on YouTube – all narrated with his excellent slightly-creepy east-European accent. Now he’s done it again with what looks to me, the layman, like a surprisingly simply hack – he’s upgraded the solid-state hard-disk inside the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, showing just how easy it is to replace the 4, 8 or 16GB SSD with one much bigger – on his video he goes for 32GB.

What’s surprises me about this is just how easy it looks. The thing that’s put me off ripping apart my laptop is that I know that with my fat, stubby fingers, and lack of coordination, I’d never be able to put it back together again – but this mod is almost literally just unscrewing a couple of screws and clicking in a new SSD. Easy as that.

The trickiest part is probably getting a working operating system back on there – obviously if you get rid of the SSD, you’ll lose all of the data on there so you’re starting from scratch again.

(via Liliputing)

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