Google makes kill switch for Android apps too

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google-android-not-delayed.jpgAnd we thought it was only Apple who were the app Nazis around here, but then I suppose it makes a lot of sense for Google to have a kill switch on their Android Market as well. If you don’t, things like this happen.

Google’s still one step ahead of Jobs Inc. as they’ve also promised to refund any money lost by consumers on any such rogue applications that subsequently get shut down – something Apple didn’t offer the poor saps who shelled out on “I am Rich”.

I’m hoping that this veto or kill switch or however they operate it is purely there to protect the public rather than stop really, really, good creations from coming to light. I can quite easily imagine the forces of hacking evil getting some nasty code out through the Android Market or App Store in the future. So, I suppose this is a good thing. I suppose.

(via Pocket Picks)

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