TDK launches security-conscious TRANS-IT USB Flash drives

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tdk_trans-it_usb_drive.jpgUSB Flash drives are fairly yawn-inducing, granted, but they’re pretty much the de facto standard for porting data around these days.

With security high on the agenda (if only because so many people seem to be losing large amounts of confidential data), Imation has launched its latest TDK-branded USB drives with built-in TRANS-IT security.

The “Flash Lock” password system allows Windows and Linux users to secure the USB drive with a password, with the drive becoming inaccessible (without unlocking software) if the password is entered incorrectly several times. Not completely hack-proof (what is?) but the 256-bit data encryption is better than no protection at all.

The drives are available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities. Also available are USB Flash drive sliders in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities. They even come with a driver for Windows 98, if anyone is still foolish enough to be using that.

€5.75 (£4.50ish) for 2GB, €8.75 (£7ish) for 4GB, €19.50 (£15.50ish) for 8GB and €40 (£32ish) for 16GB.

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Andy Merrett
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  • ive got a 16gb memory stick .ive put music on it for my car but it cant play because of the security lock how do I unlock

  • The “Flash Lock” password system allows Windows and Linux users to secure the USB drive

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  • the secured partition can be accessed when the status of the drive is unlocked. the public partition is available when the device status is locked. you cannot access both partitions at once. the explorer will only display them one partition at a time.

  • I have same problem but since I set the partition and removed the drive as instructed, it now doesn’t show up at all, doesn’t flash when plugged in or anything. Did anyone ever find a solution coz I’m very close to taking it back to the shop and asking for my money back.

  • I have the same problem. It does not show up on my computer as it did before I pulled it out after doing the partision part. It does however show up if I go to the manage – disc management part.
    I tried it then on another computer and it did show up under My Computer but it will not show on the original computer I prepared the drive originally. If anyone can explain I would be happy.

  • I bought an 8GB TDK trans-it USB drive yesterday. I set the partition sizes of the “publicly accessible” and password-protected areas of the drive, and set a password. Even after logging onto Flash-lock the protected area of the drive is not accessible in any way that I can discover. It does not show up on Windows Explorer as a separate drive (like another, smaller thumb-drive I have) or as a sub-folder of the publicly accessible part of the drive. How does this thing work? How do I write information to the protected area of the drive? Or read it?

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