More details on GE's digital camera splurge – E1055W and A1030 exposed in depth


Last week we revealed the range-topping new GE E1050TW with all its fancy HD features – now here are a couple of mid-range GEs for your less-informed and slightly poorer relatives.

The A1030 (left, in Inflamed Eczema Red) is capable of recording MP4 movies, does 10megapixels, has a 3x optical and 4.5x digital zoom, features a 2.5″ LCD round the back and, very importantly, takes AA batteries. It is slap-bang in the middle of what you’d expect.


And the slimmer E1055W to the right there in Standard Silver offers 10.1megapixels, a 5x optical zoom, image stabilisation, a 3″ LCD viewfinder round the back and what GE says is an “aspheric all-glass lens.” My spell checker says “aspheric” isn’t a word, but I’ll leave it in as GE must know what it’s talking about and has presumably checked that.

Quite nice cameras, both more than adequate for the needs of the mainstream consumer, but these common snappers leave us cold following all the red-hot recent Micro Four Thirds action. We couldn’t sleep last night for fantasising about pulling that amazing leather-banded Olympus concept out of a bag at a press conference and hearing the crowd sharply intake its breath in awe.

(Via GE)

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