TD Tips – Digital Cameras for under £200

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tdtips-cameras.jpgIt’s all very well talking about what’s about to hit the shelves and how brand spanking new and expensive all sorts of techno-gadgetry is but sometimes you want to buy something now. So, TD Tips is our new Wednesday morning regular where each of us five writers on TD puts our necks on the lines and says what we would buy when push comes to shove. The only rule is that it has to be available now and there has to be a link to prove it. Oh, and no second hand allowed.

What with Photokina 2008, I thought we’d get the ball rolling of our choice of digital cameras – but not any old digital camera. We’d probably all buy the latest Nikon and Canon SLRs given the choice, so instead we’ve each got a budget of £200 to buy the image grabber of our choice. Here’s what we came up with. Click the image below to take a look.

Daniel Sung
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