eBay Nutcase of the Week: Any American trying to sell Yankee Stadium cup holders

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yankee-stadium-dirt-sample-ebay.JPGIf you’re (a) American or (b) Japanese and are into baseball, you may be tempted to get yourself a “vial of actual infield soil taken from Yankee Stadium” – yours for around $70.

If you’re too worried to buy unofficial dirt, plenty of official dirt – with certificates of authenticity – is also available.

Yankee Stadium merchandise is in demand right now, thanks to the US baseball team angering its fans by closing the original arena to move to a new one – 50 metres away. This turned the recent last game of the season into a profit-making enterprise for fans, as soil, seat backs, cup holders and more were all disrespectfully TORN from the soon-to-be-demolished arena for sticking on eBay.

And if you do buy any of it, I’ve got some magic beans you may be interested in.

(Via eBay)

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