Asus and Skype team up to create world's ugliest gadget – the AiGuru SV1 portable videophone

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asus-aiguru-sv1-skypephone.jpgThat deformed beast which looks like the remains of three microwaved mobile phones is an AiGuru SV1, the product of an alliance between globally beloved tech-maker Asus and quite loved chat-enabler Skype.

The SV1 is a self-contained video phone, using Skype software and its own little webcam to let users broadcast video calls from wherever there’s a wi-fi signal. In your bathroom, for example. There’s also an Ethernet socket, microphone and speaker, plus that screen’s a whopping seven inches – and it’ll take care of multiple users at once, should you fancy living the 1980s “video conferencing” vision of the future.

The AiGuru SV1 will apparently be hitting the Skype Shop very soon for pre-ordering ahead of it’s October launch, at a price of £199.95 – although nothing’s up there as of two minutes ago.

I just checked again to make sure. Still not up. And I just checked again right now. I’ve got the shop open in a separate tab. Nothing. I’ll reload the shop page one more time before publishing the post just to make sure. No, nothing.

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