Artist unveils vision of distopian future where robots have attitude instead of manners


The trouble with scientists is that they’re too obsessed with numbers and efficiency and functionality – its why all of the robots that have been invented so far don’t quite live up to what we’ve come to expect from science fiction. Sure, those robot arms that build cars are probably quite useful, but they don’t really look the part. That’s why you need artists. Artists like Nemo Gould.

He’s come up with these mechanical beasts – the one above is called “Little Big Man”, and is apparently controlled by another robot, taking humans out of the loop immediately.

Unfortunately, Gould’s robots don’t appear to be employed doing anything useful – as, say, robot butlers or an elite squad of robot crime-fighters – but are merely on display at the San Jose Museum of Art.


(via Gizmo Watch)

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James O’Malley
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