EcoDigital Audioengine A5N bamboo speaker system – sustainability & sound

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I’ve never thought of myself as an eco-enemy when it comes to home audio but the EcoDigital Audioengine A5N bamboo speaker system has triggered new pangs of social guilt for me.

Fortunately, Bamboo has two properties that makes it rather good as speaker material. Firstly, they’re a hardwood and therefore good for acoustic resonance but, from the green angle, it’s also very fast growing and who knows you could spend the £280 on this set of bookshelves and end up with a pair of floor-standers in a year’s time.


I wouldn’t like to say that carbonized solid bamboo is the ideal material for a speaker system, though. It isn’t, but then speaker systems aren’t exactly for the purist anyway. The point here is that you’ll get as good a sound out of them for the money as anywhere else and, of course, you won’t need an amp.

They come with two 20mm silk dome tweeters, two 5″ kevlar woofers and a built-in sub-woofer too for some quality budget bass. The internal power amp will take you to a comfortable 45W (75W at a distorted push) and you’ll notice the standard audio input makes it compatible with whatever you’d care to plug into them from your LCD to your non-specific MP3-playing device. It even charges up certain Apple devices too via its Combo Port.

Oh, and just in case you’re measuring up for some new shelves, they measure 10.0″(H) x 7.0″ (W) x 7.75″ (D) and they weigh a total of 10.4kg. All cables included.

For more news and views greener than the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, go and have a chat with the serene Abi over at Hippy Shopper. Then go and recycle something.


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