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s-airplay.jpgIf it wasn’t for a decent header, I would have ignored the Sony S-Airplay for looking suspiciously like yet another small to medium sized iWhatever dock for the kitchen. As it turns out though it’s lot more interesting than that.

What you’re looking at here is a wireless music system for the home in a similar vein to the Sonos except not so anvil-heavy on the wallet. The idea is that from the single base station you can send out whatever music you wish to play to up to 10 speakers about your abode so long as they are less than 50m away.

The system will cost $400 when it comes out in the States next month and here’s hoping it’s around the £200 mark in the UK but, let’s face it, that’s probably the kind of dream you wake from all sticky and wanting a cigarette.

The initial outlay pays for the base station – which is capable of playing both pod-matter and anything you can pick up on its AM/FM tuner – and two wireless speakers, but any more after that will cost you an additional $130.

One last nice touch is that the speakers have a dual source function meaning that you can listen to the radio in one room while you’re cohabitants play whatever dreadful sounds they like in another without polluting your life. Now all I need to warrant buying one is a house that’s got more than one room. My toilet’s in the corner.

(via Far East Gizmos)

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