Phone jammer encases you in mobile silence, iPhone 3G users need not apply

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mobile_phone_jammer.jpgYou know full well the irritation of being surrounded by teenagers, city types, or excitable young trendies jabbering away on their mobile phones (and if you don’t, it’s you), but fortunately this jammer has come to your rescue.

Able to create a 32 foot “dome” by blocking the frequencies used by cellphones, it should encourage those noisy talkers somewhere else.

It has a battery life of one-and-a-half hours, so you could even use it to jam the phones of everyone on the train during your morning commute, juice it up at work, and do the same on the way home. Just know that you’ll be in for a serious lynching if anyone catches you.

It costs $246 (around £120), which is a hefty price tag. At least if you’re surrounded by iPhone users you won’t need to bother with it, given that their 3G reception is so flaky anyway.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on large groups of chavs, which is a shame.

(Via Ubergizmo)

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  • Any chance they’ll do a version that stops kids playing their music on their phones on full volume?

    that annoys the piss out of me much more than people just talking

    • I don’t think there is. A really really big magnet, perhaps? Or just carry about a giant mallet and swing it menacingly.

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