MIT develops 6D technology display that responds to surrounding light

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It’s all go in the world of 3D and beyond. Not content with a 3D image cube and 3D LCD gCubik box, researchers have now come up with 6D imagery.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing a system which can not only show realistic images in three dimensions, but can also cast shadow and highlights depending upon the surrounding lighting.

The system uses an array of tiny square lenses which can be made to change in response to surrounding light and viewing angle.

Initial low-resolution tests used the curved surfaces of a wine glass image to create a 6D picture with shadows and highlights that actively changed based upon varying illuminations in the room.

The researchers reckon the technology could produce “realistic practical-sized displays” within ten years, though it’s certainly not cheap. Each pixel currently costs $30 (about £15) to manufacture, and a decent display would need at least several thousand pixels. Ouch!

(Via The Tech Herald)

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