Look who's stalking: FindMe now supports s60 Nokias.

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findme.gifFacebook stalkers everywhere will be delighted to learn that Electric Pocket has finally got around to releasing a client for FindMe, the Facebook stalking geo-location application, for s60 mobile phones (ie: most high-end Nokias).

FindMe has been available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices for ages, and can be used to “tag” locations (“home”, “work”, etc) and automatically update your Facebook profile with your location. Somewhat uniquely, it doesn’t require your phone to have GPS to function – it works out your position based on nearby mobile phone masts alone. Whilst this is perhaps slightly less accurate than GPS, it does mean that more phones are compatible.

Whilst this is an interesting idea in principle there have been some complaints that the software can drain batteries pretty quickly – it loads in the background when you switch the phone on and will cause the phone to consume more power – not good if you’re using, say, the N95, which has a battery life of about twelve hours with moderate use as it is.

(In fact, Nokia actually describe the N95 as a “multimedia computer”, presumably in the hope that battery life comparisons will be drawn with laptops rather than phones – when 12 hours is not terrible but positively excellent.)

Whether FindMe will catch on I don’t know, but location-aware internet “things” look set to be the next big thing. But then, that is what they said about the Segway.

(via Symbian Freak)

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