Friday's stupid gadget: The GoateeSaver

Stupid Gadgets

If you want to go from this…


…to this…


…then you need this…


…and a whole load of therapy, not because of having to adjust to a new hairless life and not because you probably should have used Imac but because you just spent $20 on what is basically a bowl cut for your face.

If you’re still reading this, then you’re probably a redneck and think the GoateeSaver is a wonderful, no, darn tootin’ idea, in which case, head on over and meet Scott Bunge (pronounced Bun-ghee) who’ll talk you through his invention with his soft Southern tones. Then you too can chow down on your techo-muzzle and do Darth Vader impressions at yourself in the mirror.

GoateeSaver (via LikeCool)

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