What will they think of next? A USB shaver? Preposterous!


usbshaver.jpg I can imagine the only people who’d ever need this USB shaver would be high-flying businessmen, with too little time on their hands, but I’m sure they’d rather spend several hundred quid on a brand-name shaver than ‘invest’ in one of these little cheapies.

Nonetheless, it’d make a great novelty gift for that special colleague of yours who considers the five o’clock shadow a necessity – just ensure someone cleans the hair up afterwards, yick. Called the iShaver (sadly lacking in iPod docking skillz), it’s packing six blades on twin rotary disks and also comes with a handy cleaning kit. Because surely if you don’t have ten minutes to shave in the morning in your own bathroom, you have time to clean the shaver whilst at work!

Sadly you need the ability to read Japanese to order one though, d’oh! (via Tokyo Mango).

Katherine Hannaford
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