Arcam intros FMJ CD17-A18 high end hi-fi components

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Arcam has announced the availability of its FMJ CD17-A18, an upgrade to its entry-level DiVA hi-fi system.

The FMJ A18 amplifier replaces the DiVA A70 and features 50 watts of continuous power per channel, logic-controlled pre-amp, resonance damped chassis, low-noise toroidal transformer, and remote control unit.

The FMJ CD17 CD player replaces the DiVA CD73 and features the latest Wolfson 8741 24-bit digital-analogue converters, ultra-precise clocking, EMC damping, and remote control unit.

All of this techno-speak is supposed to translate into cleaner, more detailed sound, with better dynamics, bass, and ambience. You can be the judge of that.

The amp costs £450, and the CD player £500, with both available in black or silver.


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Andy Merrett
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