HTC Google Android handset on course for the end of the year – with T-Mobile?

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Ok, so still no closer to a release date for the first Google Android handsets but HTC reckon they’ll have them out by the end of the year. Look, just consider yourselves lucky that some of last month’s rumours weren’t true.

According to HTC, the blank, unbranded phones will be heading out to the ODM – ‘original design manufacturer’ to you and I – by Q4, the fourth quarter of the year. Do these people come up with this language just for us or are they really doing their best to disconnect themselves from society?

So yes, HTC Google Android phones coming our way as the dark nights draw in but the next question is, courtesy of whom exactly? Well, the smart money is on T-Mobile. Remember the reports of the great pains Google went to to assists T-Mobile US with the HTC Dream handset?

For me though, the issue is about whether or not it’s going to be any good and until we get reports of these mobiles in the wild, no one’s going to be any the wiser. Keep ’em peeled.

(via Shiny Shiny)

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