World of Warcraft brings a couple closer. Who knew?


warcraft.JPGThis is a new one for me. Personal experience as a World of Warcraft widow has led me to believe otherwise.

But I suppose if both parties are mutually addicted and you have more than one computer in the house (very important), it could work out for you like it did for Brad and Cynthia Murdock.The couple from Los Angeles spend hours playing the game side by side. They’ve even gone so far as to credit WoW with “bringing them closer together in their marriage.

I suspect though that most couples resemble Michael Akers who waits for his wife to fall asleep so he can play. He once even asked her to postpone her labour until he’d finished killing an instance boss. Hmm… I wonder how that went over.

(via TG Daily)

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Emily Tan
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  • My husband and I both mid 50s, having better than a bachelors in education started playing Wow when our 20 ish year old children convinced us to try the demo. We now all have accounts. We were most surprised by my husband who had pretty much only played solitaire on the computer. I am from the pong generation and grabbed the Nintendo power magazine before the kids could read it.

    Our family adventures together. My husband and I together more than with our children because I am disabled and in a power chair. It is wonderful. Instead of plopping on a chair and falling asleep after Jeopardy after an exhausting day in his involved profession, he and I go to Azeroth.

    Problems in a marriage aren’t caused by a game they may help to emphasize problems but they don’t cause problems. My husband would never have made me wait while in labor. That man should probably not have children.

    • That sounds absolutely fantastic; beautiful. I’ve only tinkered with WoW myself after a serious Everquest habit back in the day but I’ve always known that I’ll get back to online RPGs one day.

      Really pleased to hear it works so well in your family. It thoroughly warms my heart and I wish the three of you happy adventuring and all the epic armour you can quest for.

  • If the gaming is one sided then I can imagine that it can cause friction. The wonder of these games is that you get totally immersed within the online community, especially if within a raiding guild. This takes a huge amount of a persons time and because your technically at home you can find yourself unintentionally ignoring your partner. We found this out ourselves and we both play, asking your husband to make you a cuppa over teamspeak is an extreme that had our other guild mates cracking up.

    It works for us as it does for the other five or so couples we regularly game with.

    Its hard for someone like me to not be detrimental about sites such as WowWidows, as with anyones interest it is no different being into golf every sunday or playing a computer game. Some people do let the game take over thier lives but more often than not it boils down crys of What about me?! Well what about you … you think a guy/gal who neglects their relationship will become the ideal partner if they would only stop playing Wow? How about putting the responsibility on that individual and not on a game made out of pixels.

    • Well put Christina. Yes you’re right that the blame should not be placed on the game.

      But I think it’s hard not to when you see the person you’re already in a relationship with, run off and live in another world where you can’t follow. It’s like losing them, and it’s hard not to blame a game so absorbing and addictive that they prefer to reside in it. But this is an extreme case. The guy I was inolved with, not only broke up with me. He flunked out of university, and it took him over 3 years to get his life back on track. Insane huh?

  • Me and my boyfriend also play WoW together, and there’s married couples in my guild as well… It’s just like any other place. Although I can imagine that it must be very annoying to NOT be into the game and date someone who is.

  • Hey Kat, you’re right. I’m sorry for my base assumptions. I’m really glad for your husband and you. I guess I’m still a touch bitter over a relationship that fell apart precipitated by WoW.

    But not all women can get into it. I couldn’t, not really. And I was doing it just to please him. And you must admit there must be a reason why groups like WoW Widows exist.

    I guess there are two sides to every coin.

  • Seriously, this is ridiculous, I play with my husband and not only that most of my guild is made up of married couples. These stereotypes are ridiculous. Before making your own assumptions, you might bother to find out for yourself.

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