Look, no hands! Eye-tracking World of Warcraft interface lets you grind mobs on sight

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Researchers at the De Montford University, UK are developing a pioneering new eye-tracking system to enable users to control computers with out touching a keyboard or mouse.

The Eye-Gaze system works by reflecting infrared light from LEDs below the screen to track movement using infrared cameras. Kind of like reversed Wii Remote, in a way. Essentially this can track where you’re looking at the screen to within 5mm.

Naturally, such a system could be used for incredible advances in the rapid navigation of educational and information resources, but then again you could just hook it up to World of Warcraft and play without ever need to engage any of your appendages in laborious physical activity.

Okay, I’m being a little unfair. WoW is just a good way of putting a recognisable frame of reference on what the technology does. It is also designed for people with severe motor disabilities. But then again, if it does let them play WoW, then that’s surely not a bad thing either.

In related news, Japanes phone network, Docomo is believed to be working on a similar interface. Its approach is on the wearable tech side instead of computing accessory one, but its goal is still very much eye-tracking for computer interface. My preference lies with the big black box beneath the monitor rather than ear piece + webcam + gaffer tape right now.

(via New Scientist)

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