Voice Thermostat: just what every child wants for Xmas – a talking thermometer


talking-thermometer.jpgYou may laugh at the idea of a talking thermometer – largely because it’s funny – but that doesn’t stop it being an entirely average and unnecessary invention. And just because it’s all of those things, it doesn’t mean that the Voice Thermostat isn’t quite fun.

So, you’re lying at home feeling rough. Who wants the discomfort of putting the bulky old glass thermometer bulb under your tongue for a minute when your mouth’s all sore and swollen? All you need to do now is jam this thing against your forehead for just 1.5 seconds and it’ll give you its verbal verdict on whether you’re going to live or die.

I should imagine the Voice Thermostat comes into its own for children and, should it work through fur, there’ll be a few cats and dogs out there who wouldn’t fear a trip to the vets quite so much.

But as far as the rest of us go, there is one use of this thing that traditional thermometers don’t have. It’s simple really. Step 1: pick up telephone and call work HR department. Step 2: describe a non-specific illness. Step 3: place the Voice Thermostat on a hotplate and let HR hear its verdict over the phone. Hey presto, instant believable sicky, and all it cost you was 40 euros. The gift that keeps on giving.

Voice thermostat (via Red Ferret)

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Daniel Sung
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