Virgin Media's iPlayer service attracts over 10m views in June

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bbc_iplayer_2_beta_screenshot.jpgVirgin Media claims that its subscribers watched over ten million programmes on its BBC iPlayer service during June.

As the company has around 3.5m subscribers able to access the catchup service, it means that, on average, each person watched three programmes during the month. In comparison, the BBC iPlayer web service received 20.4m requests in June.

Executives at Virgin Media and the BBC hailed the figures as a success for both organisations. With the increasing popularity of the iPlayer and ISP’s concerns over burgeoning bandwidth usage, perhaps we’ll see more of this type of delivery, which may be easier to traffic manage, from the likes of BT, Tiscali, and others.

(Via The Guardian)

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  • What they fail to mention is the appalling quality of the download, ie stuttering pictures and soundbursts suffered by users, We have gone back to the BBC’s online service as it’s much more stable

    • I’ve heard this. Not being a VM customer I can’t check it out. I wonder if this counts towards broadband download limits like if you accessed the BBC iPlayer site directly, or do they separate it out as it’s coming “direct” from Virgin?

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