Spider landmine: six legs, not necessarily as deadly as a black widow



As landmines go, this innovative XM-7 Spider is pretty safe. It is controlled by a human operator, so it should be easy to locate with no danger of the home side stumbling into it.

When it arrives in situ, it puts out six trip wires, 60 degrees apart, and in line with the canisters which can loaded with either explosive charges or non-lethal gases.

Generally, it won’t explode on its own, either, as it has to be detonated by human operating it via remote control. It will also deactivate itself after a period of inactivity.

Landmines are never going to be safe, of course — they’re not fluffy bunnies — but at least these aren’t as evil and can be used to disturb or disperse an enemy, rather than maiming or killing them.

(Via DVice)

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Andy Merrett
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