Ricoh GX200 – 12-megapixels of compact camera


richo-GX200.jpgNow then, now then, what has Uncle Ricoh got for you here? It seems we’ve all been good little boys and girls and we’ve been rewarded with an updated version of the popular and compact Ricoh GX100, called, wait for it, the Ricoh GX200. Marketing genius.

Essentially, you’re looking at the same body and lens but with a 2.7″ LCD screen rather than a 2.5″. It’s got vibration correction for steadier imaging, a 1cm macro but the real bonus is in the megapixels with a extra two to bring your count up to 12. Better still, it’s the same price. Just the £399 of your hard earned cash.

Ricoh (via Electric Pig)

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