Sony to open up Blu-ray as a "social network"


blu-ray-logo.jpgSounds a bit like someone is mixing up their internet buzzwords. The head of Sony Electronics’ US division, Stan Glasgow, has some interesting ideas for the future of Blu-ray, revealing that “We’re going to have to open [Blu-ray] up as a social network–not just contributions of Sony and other Blu-ray partners.”

He added that: “There are going to be contributions from actual customers.” Err, okay. Interesting idea, certainly, but Blu-ray – a proprietary high definition disc media – and social networking – Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc – would seem to make peculiar bedfellows.

How would it work? Glasgow wants to see a system whereby you could “interface and change things as you want to see them on the screen”; namely things like “themes, endings, all sorts of strange things”.

It seems very reminiscent of HD DVD’s now defunct plans to allow users to share personal edits of their films with other users’ players. It sounded utterly pointless then, and it doesn’t sound particularly workable now. Still, we won’t say no to new features if they are free.

However, given that such an idea that will make major changes to the way Blu-ray players currently function, that might well demand a big Firmware update. However, Sony might want to think carefully about that – it hasn’t been having a lot of luck with those recently.

Blu-ray (via CNET)

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