Onkyo lays out two new Hi-Fi systems for your iPod docking pleasure

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Having won last year’s What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision award for best Hi-Fi system under £500, manufacturer Onkyo is keen to follow up that success with a couple of new offerings.

For the more flushed purchaser, there’s the Onkyo CS-525UKD. It’s a mid-level CD-Receiver Micro System sporting a DAB/FM tuner.

If you want full blown iPod compatibility including recharging and full iPod control via your remote, you’ll need the optional iPod dock, which strikes us as a tiny bit cheeky but fairer on those who don’t actually own an iPod. And if you don’t, a front-panel USB port supports any portable mass storage device such as another brand of MP3 player or a plain old flash drive.

Other features include 2 x 26w output generated by a fully discrete output stage, not like, as the press release puts it “weak-willed IC-based types that lesser manufacturers resort to”. Sucks to those weak-willed IC-based types. We care not for them at all.

The speakers consist of a pair of D-525 2-way, bass-reflex loudspeakers; 275mm high and sporting a magnetically-shielded design with 3cm ‘Ring Drive’ tweeters plus a 13cm A-OMF (Advanced-Onkyo Micro Fibre) mid/bass drive unit made from a pure cotton weave.

All that cotton-weave infused Hi-Fi goodness can be yours for £325.

If you don’t have quite that much money to blow, you can pick up an Onkyo CS-325UKD for a more palatable £200. iPod users should take note because it actually comes with a DS-A1XP iPod dock, which allows full control of playback from docked iPods via the main system remote control.

On top of that, like its more expensive sibling, it boasts a CD player (if you still have any of those shiny circles kicking around in the loft) which will also play MP3-encoded discs. It has a 40 preset DAB/FM tuner, proper banana plug speaker sockets for better sound quality and a 4-mode sleep/play/record timer.

It also comes with compact 2-way D-T1X loudspeakers with a black finish, a 2cm balanced-dome tweeter, and an 8cm A-OMF mid/bass driver.


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