More tidbits surrounding Asus Eee line: 901, 904, 1000

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asus_eee_904_pc.jpgFollowing Monday’s rumours surrounding the Eee PC line, more details have emerged from a source at Asus.

Trusted Reviews suggests that it has confirmed details of Eee PC 904 with Asus, though it still appears to be relying on a “source” inside the company.

Apparently, there’s no Eee PC 905 model. The Eee PC 904 will be fitted with a hard drive rather than SSD storage, priced in the region of £269, and should arrive within the next two weeks.

It won’t replace the 901, either, with that model arriving here from this weekend at around £299. The Eee PC 1000 should also be available from next week.

So, assuming this is true (and it all still feels a bit sketchy to me), expect some more Eee goodness to arrive midsummer.

(Via Trusted Reviews)

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