Microsoft confirms new 60GB Xbox 360 console


xbox_360.jpgMicrosoft has announced a new console to add to its already extensive list of Xbox 360 models. The new version, which sports a 60GB HDD, HDMI output (but no cable)and the usual array of Xbox Live accessories, takes the place of the newly discounted 20GB Xbox 360 and will set you back $349.

The 60GB model should be available from early August in the US. We haven’t heard when it will be hitting the UK, but it was about four months between the Elite model’s launch in the US and its debut in Europe, so we’d expect them well in time for Xmas.

It also is not yet clear whether the 60GB model will phase out the 20GB model entirely. However, it would seem more likely that the hard drive-less Arcade model would be first to get the chop. With E3 2008 kicking off today, we expect to hear a lot more on the subject.

Sony, meanwhile, has stated that it has no further plans to reduce hardware prices at this time.

Press Release

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