iPhoneck creating backup battery for iPhone 3G



With all the Super Money Balling, YouTube watching, and GPS navigation…ing of the iPhone 3G, you’re going to run out of juice pretty quickly, no matter what Steve says about improved battery life.

To the rescue comes iPhoneck, a company working on a backup battery for the iPhone 3G.

It’s a 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery and attaches directly to the iPhone 3G’s dock. It will always drain before the internal battery does, so when it runs out of power, the iPhone should still have a fully charged battery. It will fully charge in one-and-a-half hours.

It will retail for around $42.99 (about £25) and be available from around 1st August.

Product page (via DVice)

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Andy Merrett
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  • I ordered the iPhoneck 3G extended battery too. It took six months of hounding them with emails for them to ship me the product. When they finally did, it was defective and never held a charge. I went through a lengthy RMA process. 2 more months of houding them they sent me another battery and a “bonus” battery for my trouble. Both had the exact issue. Neither held a charge. This product is a myth. This company is fleecing unsuspecting Americans of their money and should be shut down.

  • I recently ordered 2 battery packs for my amazing iphone. As I travel alot I wanted to be able to extend the battery life.

    Iphoneck seemed to have the answer. I ordered 2 of there battery packs and delivery was meant to start the following week. Several weeks later no Battery pack and no responce to my emails. I finally got an answer after making a complaint to Paypal which is how I paid for the order. I got an immediate responce unlike the emails I sent to iphoneck. They promised to send my good that week. # weeks later after ignoring more emails they finally sent the order.

    Finally I thought but only to be quickly disappointed. Ine of the Battery packs rattled and the light did not work. In fact once the battery was discharged it failed to charge. It was a dud.

    I emailed iphoneck once again and again and again only to be ingnored again. They were not interested.

    The other battery pack also fails to measure up to its claims and go flat in just a few hours on standby. Its also a dud.

    I warn anyone NOT to purchase these items from IPHONECK this companies customer service is non existant and there products are shoddy and cheap as well as not performing to specification.

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