Freecom's Mobile Drive XXS – the world's smallest 2.5" external hard drive

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This one’s so small the official size comes in millimetres – and even decimal places of millimetres, whatever they’ve called. Billimeteres or something, probably. The Freecom XXS, which we would imagine stands for Extra Extra Small, measures just 109.8mm x 79.5mm x 13.5mm. That’s small.

We hired a scanning electron microscope to take the following photograph which illustrates precisely how small.


Not that small compared to an MP3 player, really, but small compared to other 2.5″ external hard drives – which Freecom says start in sizes 27 percent larger. The TARDIS-like exterior comes in varieties that pack in 160, 250 and 320GB of data, data it shovels across using USB 2.0.

It is also light, weighing only 155g, just in case you were worried that it’s unusually dense and heavy thanks to the compression techniques used.

(Via Hexus)

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