Amazon video on demand store to launch today


amazon_uk_logo.jpgA report in the New York Times – so, fairly likely then – is saying that Amazon will be launching their video on demand service this very day.

“Big whoop,” you may be saying and I hear where you’re coming from. It’s almost a surprise to hear that they don’t have one already. But the interesting part of this tale is that it makes Amazon a serious player in the world of online films, the reason being because you don’t have to wait to download the entire film before you start watching it. It’s all streamed.

This kind of luxury will be familiar to those of you with BT Vision, however, anyone with Apple TV will be grinding their teeth down to dust with jealousy as they consider this fact while waiting to watch the film they ordered four hours ago.

There are a few others offering streamed VoD services but a company with the clout of the mighty Amazon is real competition and a serious kick in the Apples for Steve Jobs.

Amazon (via Mashable)

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