658 laptos stolen from the MoD since 2004

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stolen-laptop.jpgWell aren’t the Ministry of Defence a careless lot? In four years, they’ve managed to have a total of 658 laptops stolen, around 2% of the total 35,000 machines that they own – or used to.

Naturally, this isn’t the best statistic for the body responsible for UK security but we have been assured that they’ll actually start making sure that all of their property is password encrypted from now on. There’s a relief.

To be fair to them, it’s really a classic case of of media hype, of which I too would be responsible should any reader have stopped part way through this post. Laptop loss from the MoD has actually been going down over the years with only 107 gonners in 2007 compared to a red-faced 272 in 2004.

Unfortunately for the MoD, it seems that it’s become one of the fashionable stories of the year along with knife crime and house prices. Still, however much egg they may have on their faces, at least they can have a good laugh at the Prime Minister’s aid who was victim of a honey trap operation by the Chinese intelligence service in January.

The poor chap had a few at a Shanghai disco, “got lucky” with a local and woke up the next morning to find his new friend missing along with his Downing St issued Blackberry. Still, could have been worse. In some other countries they would have had his kidneys too.

(via ZDNet)

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