What to do when Twitter is down: erm, delete your account?


Ode to Twitter:

Oh Twitter, how I loved thee in the heady days of February 2007, when I first had the pleasure of tweeting. Then, just a few months later, I abandoned you for Facebook. When all my friends caught on to Twitter in early 2008, like magic I remembered my log-in details and started tweeting the amount of cups of tea consumed, but now, due to the frequent down-time, I’ve signed up to Plurk.

Twitter, I worry about you. I worry because sites such as When Twitter Is Down exist, which rotates dozens of entertaining options for you to do when such an occasion happens (above). Which, my old love, is every couple of days. When I saw the site Is Twitter Down mentioned today on ye olde towne scribe TechCrunch, I knew our long relationship was over.

So farewell, Twitter, I have taken my belongings (ok, avatar and custom wallpaper), and deleted your number from my mobile phone. Don’t contact me begging to take you back – although if Biz Stone’s name pops up in my inbox, confirming they’ve received investment and bought some extra servers, then maybe I will log back in. Maybe.

Till then, farewell, and tell all my friends I’ll see them IRL.

When Twitter Is Down
Is Twitter Down?

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Katherine Hannaford
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