Souped Up John: Techo-toilet extraorindaire

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This shit is unbelievable! That’s what you’ll be hearing from behind your bathroom door when your friends come to visit, should you install the Souped Up John, aka the world’s geekiest toilet.

Flabbergasted is the only word I’ve got in my vocabular armory; a TV, DVD, TiVo, Xbox, laptop, iPod dock – that’s more than I’ve got in my lounge. The Souped Up John also includes a fridge, as denoted by the large grey object and beer, because of course there’s nothing quite like the feeling of drinking a smooth pint while you’re chopping off a log.

I’m not quite sure what the megaphone’s all about? Perhaps it’s in case you run out of toilet paper, which incidentally is mounted on a remarkably normal holder – what, no musical, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth option?

I’m not sure what that red button is for but I’m quite into the idea of the exercise pedals. After all, just because you’re nipping one of Bungle’s fingers off at the knuckle, it doesn’t mean you can’t lose a few pounds too.

The fan, I understand – there are some hefty loads that take quite some strain to shift – but the mirror took a little longer to figure out. That’s for looking deep into your own eyes when you’re playing on the X-box, swigging your lager, peddling like wildfire with the wind blowing through your hair at the same time as dropping the kids off at the pool and you can truly say that you’ve seen the most ridiculous achievement that man has ever made.

Thankfully, the Souped Up John doesn’t appear to be available but it was featured in the National Geographic Kids Magazine under “Cool Inventions” as the ultimate in geek bathroom luxury. I’d have to agree.

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