The House of Lords on YouTube – the upper chamber goes 2.0

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house-of-you-tube.jpgThe House of Lords hits YouTube today with its very own channel to explain the role of the Upper House in Parliamentary procedure and encourage youngsters to get involved in politics.

The move comes on the 50th anniversary of the Life Peerages Act which first allowed non-hereditary peers to be appointed to the second chamber. The five videos, guaranteed to cure insomnia, are:

  • House of Lords: What’s it all about?
  • House of Lords: Fifty years of change – Life Peerages Act
  • The Lord Speaker goes to school
  • Why get into politics?
  • Highlights of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) event in the House of Lords,

but none of those seem to cover becoming diluted by the Government’s cronies until the Lords are there simply to rubber stamp any piece of legislation that the Prime Minister and his cabinet wish to pass. Funny that.

Also if they really want to get youngsters into politics, where’s the video on all the perks of being a Lord? Where’s the mention of the endless expenses on lunches, hotel rooms, trips between London and one’s country seat and the option of several well-paid secretaries that may or may not be mates, family members, your nanny, dog or just whoever you happen to be having extra-maritals with; not to mention getting to call yourself Lord Sung or whoever you happen to be? I always fancied Viscount myself. How do yo go about getting one of them?

All the same, I shouldn’t scoff. It is important to make politics and the running of the country accessible and The ‘Tube is certainly a way to do that. I suppose we should be grateful that non of the videos use the medium of rap.

Lords on YouTube

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One thought on “The House of Lords on YouTube – the upper chamber goes 2.0

  • Mr Sung, You may have been better off doing some research before committing your article to the internet. The Lords certainly doesnt just rubber stamp government legislation and in fact has defeated the current government many more times than the Commons has

    If you had you had done some research you also would have realised that Lords do not recieve travel expenses and unlike MPs cannot claim for food costs. Still why let the facts get in the way of your 6th form level sense of humour

    You might also like to know that Viscount is a hereditory title that does not grant membership of the House of Lords anymore. Unless you are born the son of viscount you will never be one sorry!

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