Sharp's 108" LCD actually out to buy – should you have 11 million yen knocking about

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sharp-monster-108-inch-lcd-on-sale.jpg11 million Japanese yen is about £52,000. Plus the shipping for a 108″ LCD TV from Japan is likely to be another £52,000, so it’s probably best to stick with that 28″ CRT of yours for a little while longer yet.

The Sharp LB-1085 – which we first revealed back in our coverage of CES 2007 – will be buyable in Japan this July. Theoretically buyable, should you be in Japan and have a van big enough to get it home from whatever the Japanese equivalent of Currys Digital is called.

It does the full 1080 HD, obviously, plus there are three HDMI sockets and… you can probably guess. Everything. It costs £50k. It obviously has everything and every sort of hole you could ever need. The polar bears won’t be very happy with you for buying one, though – this monster consumes 1130 Watts when in use.

(Via Network World)

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