Steve Ballmer to retire in 10 years from Microsoft?


Alright, you’ve got me – any excuse to post this picture of Steve Ballmer I spotted over at the Fake Steve Ballmer blog. Still, Bill Gates hasn’t even retired yet, and already Steve Ballmer is speculating over when he’ll be given the gold watch!

Originally Gates’s late date of work was meant to be June the 27th (22 days left of peace and quiet, Melinda), however he’s still going to be working one day a week, and remain as the chairman of the board. Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft is understandably irritated by Gates’s lack of willingness to hand the reins over to him, commenting recently “I’m not going to need him for anything. That’s the principle. Use him, yes, need him, no”.

When Gates exits the Microsoft building, Ballmer will apparently inherit his office, however for how long, nobody knows – not even Ballmer. On Tuesday he claimed he’d be in the position “for another nine or 10 years…until my last kid goes away to college”. That’s either 2017 or 2018, giving us plenty of time to prepare emotionally for such a horrific, painful experience. You mean you won’t be doing the Ballmer dance after 2018, Steve?!

(via Wall Street Journal and Fake Steve Ballmer)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Katherine Hannaford of (a typical Vista-Girl) is a hot babe journalist with great taste, style and inteligence: on her top ten list this is #3:

    3.) Fake Steve Ballmer – It’s no secret in these parts of the world that I’m a massive Microsoft fangirl, and it’s of my personal opinion that this fake-blog is actually more entertaining than the original fakie, Fake Steve Jobs.

    I like you too Kat.

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