Jeeves is now a Porn Star


Way back in 2006, the eponymous butler behind Ask Jeeves was retired so that the site could rebrand as “”. The site blogged about the change, but they also set up a page called Jeeves Retirement Journal, linked from the homepage, where Jeeves, the fictional character, could post about what he did in his retirement, where he went, what he enjoyed, etc…

Steve Ballmer to retire in 10 years from Microsoft?


Alright, you’ve got me – any excuse to post this picture of Steve Ballmer I spotted over at the Fake Steve Ballmer blog. Still, Bill Gates’s retirement is already big news in the industry, and he’s not even received his gold watch yet!

Originally his late date of work was meant to be June the 27th (22 days left of peace and quiet, Melinda), however he’s still going to be working one day a week, and remain as the chairman of the board. Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft is understandably irritated by Gates’s lack of willingness to hand the reins over to him, commenting recently “I’m not going to need him for anything. That’s the principle. Use him, yes, need him, no”…