Sneaky kids buying adult video games online


kid_game.jpgBritain’s children have found a sure fire way of illegally buying violent video games using online stores and auction sites, according to the Trading Standards Institute.

Although most stores have wised up to the fact that minors will try and nab a copy GTA IV and usually check for ID, the same system just isn’t in place when ordering online, making it pathetically easy for the acne-ridden oiks to get their hands on the adult-only products.

In fact, their only stumbling block is how to pay for their order, which they can quite easily do by using a postal order which has no age restrictions. If you are thirteen and want a copy of GTA IV, absolutely DO NOT TRY THIS. The post office has been informed and anyone under 18 buying a postal order will handed an ASBO on the spot. Also, you’ll be buying a postal order – what is this, the 70s?

The investigation headed by the Welsh Heads of Trading Standards (WHOTS) revealed that nine out of ten traders tested for the study had supplied violent games to youngsters. Six Welsh local authorities hired volunteers between 12 and 16 years-old and had them attempt to buy over-age games from the internet. Presumably they all had to promise not to then use this fail-safe method to access violent products for all their mates once the test was over.

The most popular games turned out to be Manhunt, GTA, the Godfather and Hitman. Manhunt and GTA – fair enough. But Hitman, seriously? I think you’ll find that Eidos’ baldy weirdo is really a bit of pussy compared to the violence that Ninja Gaiden has to offer, and it’s quite often accompanied by giant heaving boobs! If you’re going to break the law, it might as well be for something that your Dad might like the look of and secretly let you keep after Mum has given you a proper bollocking.

Brandon Cook, TSI’s lead officer wants more age checks in place to stop this kind of thing. “If traders cannot be sure the person they are selling to is over 18 then they should not be selling,” he said. “There are a number of companies out there that will run age checks on customers for internet traders.”

Sure, next time I peddle a game or two on eBay, I’ll definitely be employing a third-party organisation to run age checks on my bidders. Or hey, here’s another idea – let’s just trust parents to keep an eye on what their kids are playing and if they catch them with a copy of GTA, to take it away from them.

(via Associated Press)

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