More rock legends jump on the video game distribution model – Guitar Hero: Metallica coming in 2009


metallica-guitar-hero-game-2009.jpgThe internet-hating rock superband that was the enemy of file-sharers the world over a few years back is about to embrace technology – and create a special edition of Guitar Hero featuring its back catalogue.

There’s already an Aerosmith special edition of Guitar Hero on the way, with the likes of Def Leppard and Motley Crue also doing very well out of the music game sales scene. So it seems only natural that rock behemoth Metallica would jump on board.

The Metallica-themed game will be out in 2009, as revealed in an Activision statement – “In fiscal 2009, we plan to publish Guitar Hero: On Tour for the NDS; Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Metallica, and Guitar Hero IV across multiple platforms” said the moneymen, foolishly revealing their plans to the world.

(Via Xboxer and MusicAlly)

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