Judge orders YouTube pranksters to apologise – in YouTube video

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youtube-apology-order.jpgYou have to love the occasionally maverick decisions handed out by US judges.

Some crazed lawmaker out in Florida has ordered a gang of unruly youths to apologise to their victim via a YouTube video, after they chucked “soda pop” at a drive-through junk food joint waitress.

Unsuspecting Taco Bell employee Jessica Ceponis was the victim of the fizzy pop injustice, a crime made marginally worse by the kids recording the incident and sticking it up on YouTube. The two offending youths were tracked down, punished, and were scheduled to upload their online apology to Jessica yesterday – although it’s proving a little bit hard to track down. There are quite a few vids on YouTube at the moment.

The crazed teens also got 100 hours of community service, just in case you were thinking that mucking about recording sarcastic videos for YouTube doesn’t sound like much in the way of punishment. In fact, for some of us, it’s considered a fun hobby.

(Via USA Today)

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