"Gadget consumers are arrogant and conceited" claims US survey. Us? Surely not!


woman-holding-phone.jpgObsessed with gadgets? Can’t stop talking about yourself? Yep, join the club – whoops. Turns out us gadget-lovers are nothing but arrogant consumers, according to new ‘research’ conducted by Nielsen Online.

Admittedly a hefty amount of Americans were polled – 25,000 to be exact – and the results showed consumers of technology were very strong leaders with huge amounts of assertiveness, however were all lacking in modesty. Sarah Welch, a lead researcher at the ad network Mindset Media, which conducted the survey with Nielsen Online, explained “If you look at those with qualities of a modern leader, they’re often forward-facing and interested in what’s next,” hence their interest in technology.

This could, of course, result in more egos within the technology industry, but also in consumers expecting more from their gadgets.

(via Reuters)

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Katherine Hannaford
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