Dundee to get super-fast broadband through the sewers


welcome_to_dundee.jpgResidents of Dundee will soon be able to say they have something in common with the people of Bournemouth, as it becomes the first city in Scotland to have fibre optic cabling installed in its sewer system.

It’s not clear when H20 will begin work in Dundee’s dank and smelly underworld, but when it’s complete, super-fast 100Mbps broadband should be available to everyone – at least, those who are prepared to pay for it.

H20’s chief executive said that the company hoped to extend the solution to more remote areas of Scotland, who are lucky to get even mediocre broadband speeds at present.

The company plans to build 600kms of network around the country in the next 18 months.

(Via Broadband Finder)

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Andy Merrett
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