Asus Eee PC – the music producer's dream machine

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Back in the day, I was surprised when someone wanted to use my old Atari ST to make music on and it’s a similar feeling now that there are rave reviews of the Asus Eee PC for the very same reason.

Musicians have realised that these sub-notebooks, despite their diminutive stature, have enough under the hood to work as well as any turntable and come in a darn site cheaper too. Even the Windows-based models will do, running versions of Guitar Rig and SuperCollider.

In most cases, your Eee will need a tweak or two but then that’s half the fun. Visit CDM and then you too can turn your sub-notebook into a fully-blown axe. It’s even cheap enough to smash at your gig without having to worry about shelling out for a new one.

CDM (via Hack a day)

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