Audio Technica W5000 – the Stradivarius of headphones

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audio-technica-W5000.jpgWhen a manufacturer describes their product as “ebony” it’s very hard to tell in this day and age whether that means wood or it’s just a way of saying “black” with more luxuriant overtones, but in this case the new W5000 headphones from Audio Technica is the genuine tree-chopped McCoy.

Like a great Stradivarious, the grain allows the sound to resonate to perfect harmony with their unique Double Air Dampening System bringing a personal taste of deep-based audio nirvana and no extraneous vibrations.

The inside contains “super pure 8N-Oxygen Free Copper with bobbing winding voice coil” which sounds expensive enough to justify the £699.95 price tag and essentially ensures clarity throughout the full range of frequencies between 5-45KHz.

Naturally, there’s no hint of wirelessness and in fact you get 3m-worth of cables to play with between you and the gold-plated plugs.

I’m not sure this would be the first item on my list if I had the cash to blow but if you’re obsessive about sound, then look no further.

Audio Technica

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