Make like James Bond with these Double Agent headphones from Skullcandy

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Whilst I can’t see Krycek from X-Files, James Bond or other famous double agents donning these Skullcandy headphones, I could see Sydney Bristow from Alias wearing them on a day off.

With three colour ways (orange, green and black), any espionage hopeful can carry out their acts of secrecy with the Double Agent models, which contain an inbuilt SD card reader. You guessed right – that means you don’t have to connect an MP3 player, instead just load tracks onto your card, pop it in, and you’ll be humming along to the Mission Impossible themesong in no time.

Charge time is just one hour, for five hours of playblack. At £59 each at Maplin this June, they’re very wallet-friendly, particularly once you hear a 512KB card is included with the cans.


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Katherine Hannaford
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