Swampstool – heat-sensitive furniture from Visual Reference Studio

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I’m not sure how Visual Reference Studio has done it but somehow they’ve convinced the world that Global Hypercolour is a good idea again.

To be fair it looks a lot more swish this time around with more than just the two colours of “normal” and “sweaty” and they’ve the good sense to take the technology off clothes and onto less embarrassing items but only just.

Much of what’s dreamed up by Nuno Goncalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne is organic-looking, heat-sensitive furniture, including this wonderfully named Swampstool here, and I can see the fun in analysing someone’s butt crack for the five minutes after they’ve gone. Did I say that aloud?

It’s the swirling display of colours that sells it for me. If you don’t manage to get near enough to sit on the collection, then at least visit the website. It’s the kind of page that’ll keep entertained all day.

Visual Reference Studio (via MoCo Loco)

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  • Just what I need: a chair with a visual reminder of how large my hips are. Thumbs down!

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