"PSP needs more games" says Sony boss – and he is doing something about it


sony-psp-needs-more-games-david-reeves.jpgI’m glad I bought my PSP, honestly. The majestic Lumines and Lumines II were worth the price of the handheld alone. And good job too – there’s nothing else on the machine worth playing*.

The lack of original games is hurting Sony. While PSP sells well around the world, its software sales are nothing like those of the competition. This is thanks to the PSP charts being full of uninspired big console ports like FIFA 08, Need for Speed, SmackDown v Raw and Medal of Honor. It’s a miracle PSP is still competing at all. But help is on the way!

Sony’s David Reeves told GamesIndustry last week “Hand on heart, would we like more PSP games? Yes, we would. We really would.” Reeves also promised more good stuff would be coming to the UK, adding “We’ve seen in the last six months that because of the success of the PSP in Japan many Japanese developers have got some absolutely phenomenal games. They’re not Monster Hunter 2G or things like that, but they are in development and we’ll see them over here.”

*Well, perhaps God of War and the GTA games, but you’d be much better off with the PS2 versions.

(Via GamesIndustry)

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  • No offense but it’s pitiful when people who call themselves gamers overlook titles like Crush, Loco Roco and Patapon. PSP has no good games my a$$.

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