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eee-pc-900-case.jpgWith the release of the new Eee PC 900 comes the inevitable follow up of a thousand and one peripherals and accessories to go with it. Before you get put off by Belkin’s flood of white, Asus-esque plastic, take a look at a couple of items from cover specialist Proporta.

When they mentioned an Eee PC case, I’ve got to say I was skeptical given that the 900 comes with two foam carry wallets on purchase, and they’re pretty good. However, the Proporta leather case is not only a lot classier but best of all you don’t have to take your precious netbook out of its clutches to use it. Not bad for $44.95 which unfortunately excludes VAT in that infuriating Yanky way.

eee-pc-screen-protector.jpgThe second accessory is the advanced screen protector which, for my money, is taking things too far. It’s a £319 machine for Pete’s sake. It’s not a Ferrari. You’re unlikely to scratch the screen that badly, so why be so anal as to keep it hidden under the kind of plastic you’d normally remove when your computer arrives?

According to Proporta, the screen protector does actually reduce glare from the sun but in my experience, if you put something between your eyes and the screen, it’s just going to make it harder to see.

However, Proporta are so confident you’ll like it, they’ll give you your money back if you don’t agree. So, either it does work or they’re relying on the laziness of the consumer not to bother returning a $9.95 piece of plastic and that’s not a bad bet.

I’ll take a case, Proporta. You can keep the sheet.

Proporta case, Proporta screen protector

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